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Best children’s toys from the 70s

Best Children’s Toys From The 70s

Many people are of the opinion that digital age began in the 21st century. But this is not true. One can vouch for this from the toys of the era of the 70s.In the 1960s kids used to play with balls, dolls, soldiers and even kitchen appliances. But all of this were replaced in the 70s with the advent of television sets and some popular TV shows. Toys were manufactured in this era to emulate the popular characters of famous TV shows such as the Six Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman. At the same time, video games, robots and space men also came into picture. Some of the best children’s toys from the seventies are

Nerf Ball – This ball was introduced in 1970s and it went onto become popular as the safest indoor ball. The makers of the ball went on to market their toy as something that cannot damage lamps, break windows, hurt babies or even old people. This ball became so popular that it sold about 4 million pieces in its first year itself.

Barbie – Barbie dolls entered the scene and they were considered to be a priced possession by girls and kids all across the world. The mere mention of the name used to bring happiness to children of the 1970s, such was the great popularity of the doll.

Skateboard – Skateboards emerged in 1962 and gained massive popularity. But its popularity has faded by the 1970s.In 1972, a person by name Frank Nasworthy invented the first Cadillac Wheels, which were durable polyurethane wheels meant for modern boards. It pictured Black Knight in 1975 and from then on these boards soared in popularity and everybody wanted to own one.

Lego – This was the most preferred gifting toy in the 1970s, next only to books. Even though people got tired of stepping on them everywhere in the house, they never stopped purchasing them.

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