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Best Cruiser skateboard for beginners

Best Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners

Skateboarding is considered to be fun filled and thrilling. Over the years, it has emerged as a favourite sport of youngsters. While previously skateboarding was just limited to be casual. Nowadays people are using cruiser skateboards which are strong enough to help them move in heavy traffic or hilly terrains also. Even electric skateboards are available these days in the market to help these skating enthusiasts. They may offer thrilling rides, but one should have all the sufficient knowledge to choose the perfect skateboard like Ladera Skateboards because wrong choice can lead to accidents even if you are well experienced.

As a beginner, one should take the advice of experienced skaters before buying a skating board. For starters, the size of the skate board plays a crucial role for beginners. The average width of a normal skateboard is eight inches. Wider skate boards are considered the best for beginners as they still do not know how to balance these boards. Also decks made of plastic are the cheapest and is considered best for beginners as well as casual skaters. Fiberglass, Plywood and carbon decks should be considered if you are passionate about the sport or if you are a professional skater

Grip Tape – Even though grip tape is a small element on the skate board, it plays a major role in securing your shoes to the board. Frequent use wears up this tape, which can be replaced easily. The grip tape is made of a sand paper like material and it should be firmly attached to the surface of the deck. It comes in various sizes, but one can customize it according to the size of his feet.

Skateboard Concave shapes – The back end of a skateboard has a raised end called the concave. The depth of this says a lot about the tricks which a wearer of a skateboard can achieve. Shallow concaves are better suited for beginners while deeper concaves are apt for professional skaters.

Size of skateboard trucks – The dimension of the deck and the truck should match in a good skateboard. The trucks in turn have small cylindrical moulds called bushings which transfer pressure from the feet to these trucks. These make it possible for people to manoeuvre through curves and turns.

Skateboard diameter – Hard wheels provide a better skateboarding experience. But some skateboards also have old metallic wheels which are nowadays considered not so efficient for skating. For those who wish to skate just on ramps or skateboarding parks, wheels with 97a level of hardness are considered the best.

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