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Best portable digital piano with weighted keys

Best Portable Digital Piano With Weighted Keys

Many digital pianos are available these days in the market. One of the important factors that are responsible for creating an authentic piano experience is the feel of the keys. Some of the best digital pianos available in the market today have weighted keys. Some of these keys even have a graded hammer action. This feature means that the lower keys feel heavier than the higher keys which are designed to create a similar effect of an acoustic piano. Some of the best portable pianos with weighted keys are

Yamaha DGX 660 This keyboard from Yamaha is well received by the audience and has gained popularity due to its Scaled Graded Hammer action technology in keys. This feature allows users to play soft, medium and hard in close simulation of the acoustic piano experience. It also has an advanced polyphonic feature, integrated microphone input, Yamaha’s piano room feature and enhanced digital effects.

Casio Privia PX -770 Digital Console piano – This device from Casio is well known for its ability to produce great music. This instrument makes use of actual hammers instead of springs in order to provide a realistic piano experience with weighted keys. It incorporates a tri sensor scaled hammer action keyboard feature due to which there will be three electronic sensors under each key instead of the one or two sensors that are found in other brands of pianos.

Yamaha P 115 – This is one of the best lighted keyboards so far with the best weighted keyboard technology. This is an 88 key digital piano with a weighted keyboard and signature sounds. It follows the Yamaha Graded Hammer Standard Technology and along with this, the piano also features many digital sounds, effects and programmability. In short, it combines the best of both acoustic and electric piano worlds.

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