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Can we make large digital photo frame wall mountable

Can We Make Large Digital Photo Frame Wall Mountable

Digital photo frames have changed the way we look at photos. This can be vastly attributed to the advances in technology. Conventional wall mountable picture frames were the norm previously. But nowadays one cannot use them because the advent of digital cameras has resulted in an abundance of photos in every household. A traditional photo frame can accommodate only a single picture at a time and one cannot hang photos throughout the house. One solution for this problem is the digital frame.

A digital photo frame comprises of a small computer which helps in displaying the photos in the form of a slide show. Nowadays digital photo frames also come with remote control. One can sit in a place and choose the display type depending on whether you wish to see a slide show or a single picture. Some of the digital frames have internal memory function as well. Depending on the memory size, you can decide on the number of photos that can be uploaded.

Many digital photo frames also have in built motion sensors .These sensors enable the photo frame to switch itself off or on depending on the sensing of movements. Some of the frames also have wifi capacity. Using this, one can send or receive photos. They also have inbuilt clock and calendar functions. Those who like to listen to music can find a digital photo frame which has an inbuilt audio player. Listening to music while watching the slide show of photos provides a pleasant experience.

When it comes to choosing a digital picture frame, one should go for something with a higher resolution like EOOKE. These higher resolution picture frames will be quite large. They can be wall mountable in most of the cases. They are so sharp and incredible that one can see every single detail about a photo using these frames. Smaller digital frames are not suitable for viewing images captured by digital cameras because they do not even come closer to the resolution offered by such cameras.

Digital photo frames currently have two screen aspects. Of these one should choose the 4:3 frame. This tends to be rectangular and can be easily wall mounted. Wall mounted large digital photo frames are commonly used in advertisements. It is a common feature these days to see these wide screen wall mounted digital photo frames in malls and shopping centres. Businesses generally use them to advertise their ware. People however get confused between these digital frames and wall mounted television sets most of the times. On the contrary if one chooses a digital photo frame with a 16:9 ratio, the image appears stretched or there will be black lines surrounding the image even though the screen size appears to be big. Generally, larger screens will increase the price but it’s important to note that screens of the same physical size are not always on par in terms of their resolution.

The screens of digital photo frames are measured diagonally just like TV screens. The advertised screen size in most of the cases refers to the size of the LCD panel and not the total size of the frame.

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