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Dog Dna Test Cost

Dog Dna Test Cost

While choosing the right DNA test , aside from the factors that are essential for the scientific segments of dog DNA testing, you should also keep tabs on the price of the test. The cost of the test is especially important if you are a breeder who is looking to obtain proof of pedigree for the litters. The best dog DNA tests these days are available in various price ranges. That is why it is important to know about your particular needs before you decide to go for a DNA test. Some of the best dog DNA tests out there are

Embark – The test kit of Embark features a single test which provides valuable information about the dog’s breed and carrier status for more than 150 genetic diseases a nd conditions. The test is also capable of calculating the dog’s genetic age which it later on translates into human years. The price of this Embark test is $199.

Wisdom Panel – This brand offers 4 different high quality tests and these tests are available at a price of 149.99$.Wisdom panel 4.0 costs 84.99$ and it provides canine genetic mapping across more than 250 breeds .Optimal Selection Canine Genetic breeding analysis is a test that is designed for breeders and can detect over 150 genetic diseases. This test costs around 129.99$.There is also a separate test for cat breeders which is available at a price tag of 99.99$.

Easy DNA – This company is renowned for its 6 canine genetic tests which range in price from 75$ to 306$.The tests that come under this brand are dog DNA testing without the mother, DNA my dog breed test, Dog breed identification testing, dog parentage test, dog inherent disease and trait test and dog poop DNA test. Each of these is available at different price tags.

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