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Safety Boots – Safety Criteria

Safety Boots – Safety Criteria

Steel-Toe Boot:

A steel-toe boot also known as safety boot, steel-capped boot or safety shoe. A steel-toe boot is a durable boot or shoe that has a protective reinforcement in the toe that protects the foot from falling objects or compression. It is usually combined with mid-sole plate to protect against punctures.

Material Used:

Safety boots traditionally made from steel material. The reinforcement also made with composite material such as Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) or Aluminum. This TPU has many properties including elasticity, transparency and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. Another type of material used for reinforcement is alloy. Alloy toes are made from lightweight materials such as titanium, aluminum or a combination of other light materials.

Safety Standard:

Steel-toe boots are mostly used in construction industry and many industrial settings. Occupational Safety and health legislation require the use of such boots in workplace with certification of boots mandatory. Such certification is displayed directly on boots. That markings indicate the national or international standards that boot required to meet. The markings on boot even indicate what kind of protection that boot offers such as impact resistance, penetration resistance, electric shock and chemical hazards etc.

Safety shoes are effective in keeping the feet of industrial workers safe from sharp and heavy objects while working in factories. Safety footwear for use in chemical processing or semiconductor manufacturing may also be rated to dissipate static electricity while still protecting the wearer from electric shock.

Safety Footwear Style:

Safety footwear now comes in many styles such as sneakers and clogs. Though it is stylish, it is quite professional to wore and many supervising engineers make use of this professional stylish safety footwear. Some brands of steel-toe footwear have become fashionable within subcultures such as skinhead, punk, and rivet head.

Safety Criteria:

Some of the safety shoes have symbols on the outside, to indicate the protection that the boot offers:

Green Triangle- It indicates that it is a class 1 toe cap with puncture resistant sole.

Yellow Triangle- It indicates that it is a class 2 toe cap with puncture resistant sole.

White Square (with ohm symbol)- Here ohm symbol means the electrical resistance as ohm is the unit of electrical resistance and hence, indicates electrical protection.

Yellow Square (with SD) – It indicates anti-static protection.

Red Square (with C)- It indicates electrically conductive.

Fir Tree- It indicates protection against chain-saws.

Thus, it is necessary to check the required protection given by safety boot by means of looking into safety standards and safety criteria.

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