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Straighten teeth without braces

Straighten Teeth Without Braces

A beautiful smile with straight teeth is the dream of every adult and teenager. But some people are not blessed genetically to have the perfect smile. Such people can make use of braces to straighten their teeth. But some people refrain from getting dental treatments with braces because they make a person’s to look as if it is filled with pieces of metal. This is not a lovely sight and can make a person conscious of his or her looks.

According to dentists a person needs treatment with braces if he or she has issues such as overcrowding, over bite, under bite, gaps between the teeth, then should go for the invisalign carrollton which corrects all these issues etc. But if a person has limited overcrowding issues that is the teeth are slightly crooked, then his or her problem can be solved using retainers only. If a person suffers from malocclusion his or her teeth can be corrected using appliances that can adjust the position of the jaw line. If someone has teeth issues due to a narrow jaw line, it can be corrected with the help of expanders.

An orthodontist is the best person to judge, whether your teeth can be straightened without using braces. He can also advice the best alternative treatment method. These options are

Retainers – These comprise of bonded lingual retainers which are attached to the inner surface of the teeth using dental grade adhesive cement. They prevent teeth from shifting and can correct cases of bite issues in tooth, which if left uncorrected can lead to problems in the future. These are fixed retainers that is, a person wearing it cannot remove them. They can be removed only by a professional dentist. Another type of retainers are called the Hawley retainers are nothing but removable retainers that can be customised to suit the shape of the mouth bases on a dental impression. These are removable retainers and can be used to straighten teeth in case of minor deformities.

Appliances – There are many dental appliances that can be used to straighten the teeth without braces. Herbst appliance is one such thing that enables the development of lower jaw in a forward direction. This can aid in the correction of bite issues and one get a beautiful smile using appliances. In many cases children have excessive overbite issues which can be corrected using head gear. This head gear exerts pressure on the child’s upper jaw which is essential to correct the teeth imperfections.

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