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Things That Affect Men’s Health and Lifestyle

Things That Affect Men’s Health And Lifestyle

Men often like to take better care of their cars or gadgets than their bodies. This in turn leads to a lot of diseases. A lack of awareness, unhealthy work and personal styles are responsible for the deterioration of health of men. An awareness of the things that can cause health risks in men can help them to make better choices in life. Some of the health conditions that can affect men are

Heart health –It is found that one in every three men is susceptible to heart diseases. Three million men every year get affected by stroke. High blood pressure is another condition that affects men health who are under the age of 45 years. Routine checkups and visits to the doctor can prevent the onset of cardio vascular diseases. Doctors can guide you regarding the things to consider to maintain optimum heart health. Doctors can also assess the risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and smoking habits and can advice you accordingly.

Respiratory diseases – Every year more and more men are getting diagnosed with diseases such as lung cancer which is a life threatening condition. Most of the times, respiratory disorders that are often over looked begin with what is known as a smoker’s cough. Over time, the cough can lead to disorders such as COPD, Lung cancer, emphysema etc. if left untreated. Smoking and exposure to asbestos are the leading causes of respiratory disorders and lung cancer.

Alcohol – Alcohol related deaths are not uncommon these days. A large percentage of men than women face deaths due to a higher consumption of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol on a regular basis increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, liver, oesophagus, throat and colon. Consumption of alcohol also has adverse effects over hormone production. All this can lead to infertility and impotence.

Depression – Many researchers have found that every year six million men suffer from depression related disorders and suffer from suicidal tendencies. In order to reduce depression, a person should get regular exercise, he should write down his thoughts, he must communicate more with people in his family and also with friends, he should seek professional help and should not neglect it.

Liver disease – Liver is an important organ in the body and it has a prominent function to perform. Many conditions of the liver such as cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, autoimmune or genetic liver diseases, liver cancer, bile duct cancer and alcoholic liver diseases are quite common in men and to prevent this, men should stay away from using alcohol and tobacco based products.

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